Top 10 Political Adverts of 2009

As we come to the end of the year I’ve fallen pathetically in line with convention and compiled a reflection on the year that was.  So without further ado, justification or democratic engagment, here are the top 10 British political advertisments of 2009:

1. Labour’s Spent (Euro RSCG)

2. Old News (Glue London)

3.  Rape is cheaper than bullets (Amnesty International/Different Kettle)

4. Bottled Water: 98% melted ice caps, 2% polar bear tears (Tappening)

5. You won’t be laughing if they win (Saatchi & Saatchi)

6. Dad’s nose, Mum’s eyes and Gordon Brown’s debt (Euro RSCG)

7. (Lean Mean Fighting Machine)

8. #WelovetheNHS (founder unknown)

9. Against the odds (Labour Party)

10. Labour’s put us all in the red (360 Recruitment)

Labour’s 2nd Party Political Broadcast 2009

The second of The Labour Party’s political broadcasts in advance of the European Parliament elections.  The apology over expenses was a good call, though David Cameron did this earlier in the week.  Looks like a bit of a me-too. Quelle surprise (how continental of me…)

Refering back to the last Conservative government of over 10 years ago as a criticism of David Cameron makes the Labour Party look ridiculous. Just because Cameron is proving hard to pin down on policy, trying to link him with Thatcher and Major is pathetic.

They’ve still included that cringe bit of Gordon Brown on the lawn from the last broadcast, of all the bits to include, why the hell what you stick with that awkward 10 or so seconds?

The main problem with it is the voice over.  It is a truly terrible read, lacking in any charisma or interest and the sound quality is appalling – it just sounds so tinny!

Liberal Democrat Party Political Broadcast 2009

The Liberal Democrats must have been pretty pissed off when they saw the Conservative’s most recent broadcast.  The style and content is almost exactly the same.  Clegg does not come across nearly as well as Cameron and the production values look lesser.  Not at all a bad effort, but it’s made to look average because it looks like a ‘me too’ – even though obviously they would have produced it long before the Tories aired.

Conservative Party Political Broadcast 2009

Great broadcast.  The message take out the Conservative’s are going for here is “David Cameron is honest, down to earth, approachable and ready for government” and they’ve nailed it.  Cameron comes over really well in this video, he manages a gravity that matches the times as well as an optimism and levity about the future.

The hacks will claim there’s zero concrete policy announcments, which whilst being the case, does not matter.  The electorate are not interested in detailed policy announcements, they want a broad idea about the style of government they can expect – which is exactly what is delivered here.

Peta Political Advert Banned

The above commercial for Peta was banned from being aired during the Super Bowl in order to avoid causing offense to the American public.  Well it offended me, not because of its sexual nature, but because it is so completely crap.

If an organisation is serious about making people ‘Go Veg’, as oppose to grubby headline grabbing, there is any number of compelling rational and emotional messages to communicate.  Saying ‘Veggies have better sex’ and then not even trying to back it up is so ridiculously pathetic that I can’t believe a supposedly serious organisation paid to have it made.

SDLP Party Election Broadcast 2009

This is another standard (terrible) party political broadcast released recently.  It’s wallpaper.  There’s literally nothing of interest to it.  It had under 100 views in its’ first two days.  That’s not even everyone who works for the SDLP.  Why politicians think people will watch and engage with a broadcast when they chunter on for 5 minutes over stock-looking footage is beyond me.  Have they not realised that at the click of a mouse or a touch of a button they could be watching almost anything else conceivable.