Political Advertising

‘Political advertising’ as a term could be construed in a variety of ways, therefore it’s important to define the scope of the term that will be used for this blog.

Political advertising tries to influence the way in which an individual, group or institution thinks about a given election, cause or area of public policy.  ‘Political advertising’ refers to every form of direct political communication.  This might include the familiar, traditional, mass media political marketing channels such as billboard posters and party political broadcasts.  However, it also includes a leaflet posted through a door, a campaign website, a Facebook group, or a video uploaded online.

The possibility for anyone in the world to create content that reaches mass audiences (via social media) has significantly increased the scope for political advertising.  No longer is political advertising curtailed to political institutions (such as political parties) broadcasting to an electorate.  Now activists, bloggers and video-makers can produce and distribute content that effects the manner in which people think about political issues in tangible ways.

This blog seeks to document and analyse all forms of political advertising from across the world.


  1. Is there any universities in which there are programs about political advertising or political design?

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