Green Party Election Broadcast 2010

The Green Party have created a nice animation for their party election broadcast.  

The aim of the piece is to communicate that the Green Party hold a wide breadth of seemingly common-sense policy positions (not just to do with the environment) which challenge the political status quo.  It doesn’t take your breath away, but given the tiny budget they would have had to produce this, it achieves the objectives and is interesting enough to keep your attention throughout.

They’ve included a functionality on their website which enables people to choose policy issues which they think will be salient with their friends and then forward on a personalised, edited version of the film.  Pretty cool.

Conservative Party Political Broadcast 2009

Great broadcast.  The message take out the Conservative’s are going for here is “David Cameron is honest, down to earth, approachable and ready for government” and they’ve nailed it.  Cameron comes over really well in this video, he manages a gravity that matches the times as well as an optimism and levity about the future.

The hacks will claim there’s zero concrete policy announcments, which whilst being the case, does not matter.  The electorate are not interested in detailed policy announcements, they want a broad idea about the style of government they can expect – which is exactly what is delivered here.