Labour’s 2nd Party Political Broadcast 2009

The second of The Labour Party’s political broadcasts in advance of the European Parliament elections.  The apology over expenses was a good call, though David Cameron did this earlier in the week.  Looks like a bit of a me-too. Quelle surprise (how continental of me…)

Refering back to the last Conservative government of over 10 years ago as a criticism of David Cameron makes the Labour Party look ridiculous. Just because Cameron is proving hard to pin down on policy, trying to link him with Thatcher and Major is pathetic.

They’ve still included that cringe bit of Gordon Brown on the lawn from the last broadcast, of all the bits to include, why the hell what you stick with that awkward 10 or so seconds?

The main problem with it is the voice over.  It is a truly terrible read, lacking in any charisma or interest and the sound quality is appalling – it just sounds so tinny!

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  1. I would never use the phrase “ordinary families” or “ordinary people”, it sounds condescending.

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