Lydia Guevara poses for PETA

Lydia Guevara peta

Che Guevara’s daughter Lydia poses for PETA’s latest execution in their campaign for animal rights.  She poses using carrots instead of bullets whilst mimicking her fathers iconic revolutionary image.  It’s completely her call as to the honourability of her participation in the campaign using her relations equity; for me it seems cheap at best and dishonourable at worst.

Peta Political Advert Banned

The above commercial for Peta was banned from being aired during the Super Bowl in order to avoid causing offense to the American public.  Well it offended me, not because of its sexual nature, but because it is so completely crap.

If an organisation is serious about making people ‘Go Veg’, as oppose to grubby headline grabbing, there is any number of compelling rational and emotional messages to communicate.  Saying ‘Veggies have better sex’ and then not even trying to back it up is so ridiculously pathetic that I can’t believe a supposedly serious organisation paid to have it made.