Green Party video on Europe

The Green Party released this video last week to coincide with EU debates between UKIP’s Nigel Farage (pronounced like ‘garage’ with an f) and the Lib Dem’s Nick Clegg MP.

It’s very long.  So, so long.

Something’s got to be intensely interesting to keep your attention on YouTube for over 3 minutes and I’m afraid this doesn’t quite cut it.  There’s some funny moments, but I bet any vaguely normal person would have closed the window before the Green Party spokesman appeared.

The party win points for timeliness, but get a slapped wrist for overindulging themselves.

You’re Nicked!

David Schneider (of The Day Today and Alan Partridge  fame) has made a very funny piece of light political satire called ‘You’re Nicked’.  I’m not sure if the aim’s to take the piss out of Nick Clegg or David Cameron, but you finish watching the video feeling worse about both of them.

If nothing else, it shows that trying to stand for a ‘new politics’ requires a completely new vocabulary in order to avoid sounding like you’re dishing out empty rhetoric.

Liberal Democrat Party Political Broadcast 2009

The Liberal Democrats must have been pretty pissed off when they saw the Conservative’s most recent broadcast.  The style and content is almost exactly the same.  Clegg does not come across nearly as well as Cameron and the production values look lesser.  Not at all a bad effort, but it’s made to look average because it looks like a ‘me too’ – even though obviously they would have produced it long before the Tories aired.