Peta Political Advert Banned

The above commercial for Peta was banned from being aired during the Super Bowl in order to avoid causing offense to the American public.  Well it offended me, not because of its sexual nature, but because it is so completely crap.

If an organisation is serious about making people ‘Go Veg’, as oppose to grubby headline grabbing, there is any number of compelling rational and emotional messages to communicate.  Saying ‘Veggies have better sex’ and then not even trying to back it up is so ridiculously pathetic that I can’t believe a supposedly serious organisation paid to have it made.

1 Comment

  1. Peta is a great org with their here in the right place. But gosh they could really benefit form proper marketeers. I guess it’s probably down to the ego of the original founder who won’t let go, as often, and will hinder their development … This ad is so lame its painful. And that has got nothing to do with its sexual nature indeed. Sexual nature can be greatly executed.

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