Benedict Pringle Political AdvertisingI’m a political advertising obsessive; it’s an unhealthy fascination with the grubbiest part of the dirtiest business.

This blog posts and comments on political advertising from around the globe.   The blog is (as far as is possible) politically neutral and focuses purely on the effectiveness and appeal of the communication under analysis.

I work within the daily election of brand competition at a London advertising agency (AMV BBDO) as a suit.  Politics is my hobby.  All comments expressed are personal and not those of my employer or any other party.

I also write regularly for other publications.  You can find examples of my work here:




Feel free to get in contact – pringleb (at) amvbbdo (dot) com – whether it’s to let me know about something that you’ve seen that might be of interest or just to say hi.


  1. Ben, amazing thing to have put together. You should have a field day with the US elections. How do you source?

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