This site is for politicos and election anoraks who share my unhealthy fascination with the grubbiest part of the dirtiest business.

Benedict Pringle, founder

I’m an advertising professional with an interest in politics.

This blog analyses political advertising from around the world and is politically neutral. 

I am available for comment, speaker events and commission. Feel free to get in contact at benedict@politicaladvertising.co.uk – whether it’s to share an ad, a story or just to say hi.

I first realised that I had a penchant for political advertising whilst getting involved in student politics; I found making campaign posters more enjoyable than making policy.

In my final year as a politics undergraduate, Apple released the iPhone, Facebook opened up, Twitter took off and I wrote a dissertation on the use of the internet in election campaigns.

This research into the interplay between technology and persuasion encouraged me to pursue a career in advertising and I was taken on as a graduate trainee at a creative advertising agency; during training we were encouraged to start a blog in order to help us understand “web 2.0” first hand.

This period coincided with the final months of Obama’s ‘08 Presidential election bid; the campaign’s use of online communication presented clear and fascinating opportunities for the future of both politics and advertising, so I founded politicaladvertising.co.uk.

In my career I’ve been fortunate enough to work on some of the world’s best known commercial brands as well as consult on some noteworthy election and issue-led campaigns.

Creativity, technology and politics remain intriguing to me, so I continue to write the blog to this day (though I keep the site’s instagram channel much more regularly updated).

All views expressed on this site are my own and are not related to my employer.


  1. Ben, amazing thing to have put together. You should have a field day with the US elections. How do you source?

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