Labour Party Election Broadcast 2010 – The Road Ahead

Very good.  A nice narrative, set in a stunning location.  Not too heavy on policy, but enough evidence to back up claims.  Absolutely no use of stock-looking footage – the mother of all political communication sins.  A great performance from the lead role and really high production values throughout. 

It did slightly remind me of last years’ multi award-winning Johnnie Walker spot, but it’s no bad thing that a political party has the sense to borrow from the best in the lead up to the big day.

Two admen have created a new grass-roots communications project called Powerpoint for – screen grab above – is their first offering.  It features a tiled photo of George Osborne looking pensive, users are invited to email suggestions to what he might be thinking / saying / doing.  I really like the ‘low-fi’ style of the website and the simplicity of the attack makes it all the more brutal.  Looking forward to seeing more of their work!

Chancer Not Chancellor – Osborne attacked in new Labour ad

This is the poster that The Labour Party erected in Brighton, the location for the Conservative Party’s Spring Forum, over the weekend.  It is so painfully bad, on so many levels.

The pun-tastic headline is very poor.  It’s not clever, funny or insightful.

The art direction is terrible.  Is that the best photograph they could find for Osborne?  Was there no time to cut him and place on another background so that the textured blue didn’t contrast so appallingly badly with the flat grey / red / black colour scheme of the rest of the poster?  The use of a square box to contain Osborne’s face within the centre of the rectangular poster is also visually jarring.  The whole thing looks like something I could have done on PowerPoint in about 5 minutes.

Compare it with the posters the Green Party put up during the Labour Party’s last conference in Brighton and the true scale of the creative and strategic depths that the Labour Party have plunged to with this poster will be even more evident.

What an absolute turkey.

R.I.P Off – Labour Death Tax

The Conservative Party have released a new poster criticising, what they are calling, Labour’s death tax. 

This poster is something of a cheap gag.  The pun in the headline makes the issue feel like a football in a game of playground politics.  If this is a topic that the Conservative Party genuinely think will be salient with the electorate, then there are innumerable numbers of harder hitting executions that could have been used.

Not only this, if I was David Cameron working tirelessly every day to shake of the ‘nasty party’ image, I wouldn’t thank my marketing department for allowing a huge billboard to be erected featuring a tombstone and blacked out version of the party logo.

I’m afraid this one feels like a bit of an own goal.


The Labour Party have announced that they intend to release an iphone application next month.  The app will feature local Labour Party events, searchable by postcode.  Perfect if, woe betide you, you find yourself away from your local branch and have no idea where your next campaigning fix will come from.

It will also support a mobile version of the party’s Virtual Phone Bank, which enables supporters to call potential voters and enter details into an online database.  Now those comrades with iphones are able to perform their caller ID duty to the party whether they’re waiting for a bus or standing in a picket line.