Labour Party Election Broadcast 2010 – The Road Ahead

Very good.  A nice narrative, set in a stunning location.  Not too heavy on policy, but enough evidence to back up claims.  Absolutely no use of stock-looking footage – the mother of all political communication sins.  A great performance from the lead role and really high production values throughout. 

It did slightly remind me of last years’ multi award-winning Johnnie Walker spot, but it’s no bad thing that a political party has the sense to borrow from the best in the lead up to the big day.


  1. Who is the actor in the broadcast? He looks like on of the actors from the film I.D.
    Anyone Know?

  2. First of all, as a Dr Who fan – how could I now not vote Labour? With Jon Pertwee’s son playing the lead and a voice over by one of the other Dr Who’s. That’s going to be a hard one for the other Parties to match. Maybe “The Archers” for the Conservatives and “Shrek” for the Lib Dems.

    Perhaps the “cross-reference” to Johnnie Walker is a bit sad though, given that their historic Kilmarnock Plant have just been sold (or is it “bought”) down the River by Diageo
    along with other icons of British industry.

  3. Though it was a Hovis advert first of all and then it appears that Labour want us to go on the road to nowhere – which is where they have been leading us for the last few years!!!

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