The Tories are taking the piste!

Just picked up on this video on Recess Monkey.  The clip relates to the fact that many of Cameron’s Shadow Cabinet have refused, upon being asked by their leader, to give up their lucrative second jobs.  Not only has Alan Duncan MP, the Shadow Business Secretary, not given up his nice little earner, but he has also opted to miss Cameron’s tour of the regions and go on a luxury skiing holiday!

The charm of this video is that it is clearly amateur and put together quickly and yet is very poignant and witty.  It goes to show you that you don’t need lots of money to make a relatively powerful piece of political advertising.  The levity of the tone, the humour of the copy and the curtness of clip means that it’s the exact sort of thing I’d send to a friend.


  1. I’m glad you saw this – I was going to draw your attention to it any way. The slapstick ending is what makes it work, and is what excuses the fact that it’s amateur-looking. Spruced up a bit, and using voice-over instead of text, this could be an effective ad produced by the party – AND, if it gained wide enough circulation, then it would of course circumvent the ban on political advertising in the UK. This is the sort of direction that political parties should head – producing US-style 30-second clips as though they were made for television, but then just releasing them online instead.

    I think this is a good example.

  2. That said, the only problem with it is that criticising people for taking a vacation tends not to be a very effective line of attack, even during a crisis. No one had a problem with Boris Johnson taking a vacation in Turkey just two weeks into his new job as Mayor. Bush got away with spending most of his presidency in Crawford.

    The problem is that attacking someone for taking a holiday is a bit like attacking holidays themselves. And everyone likes holidays.

  3. I completely agree, this is the sort of thing parties should be focusing on getting out on as regular basis as possible.

    And to your point about attacking holidays, I agree it’s not always fruitful territory. The public can go 2 ways, a) give the guy a break, everyone needs a holiday. Or b) I’m not on holiday, why the hell should you be?!

    Deciding whether any attack is a good to attack is dependent on the specific political context of the time. What works one day, won’t work another. Gauging the public feeling is absolutely key in getting it right.

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