Santorum’s Subliminal Messaging – Sworn American Enemy

Watch the above advert ‘Obamaville’ by Rick Santorum’s campaign all the way through… Did you see it??

If not, watch this:

Santorum’s campaign have been caught using subliminal techniques in their advertising to try to build a cognitive connection between US President Barak Obama with the President and dictator of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

This really is an all new low for political advertising, the Santorum candidacy and the Republican Party.  It’s so morally bankrupt that it’s almost comical.

Give Lugar a Place to Stay

Republican (and Tea Party) Super Pac FreedomWorks for America have launched a website to try and unseat one of their own – Senator Richard Lugar.  The sitting Republican Senator has been in office in the State of Indiana since 1977.

FreedomWorks for America aggressively support their preferred candidates and are never shy in taking on incumbent Republicans.

Senator Lugar is being attacked for not having lived in Indiana since 1977, when he moved to McLean, Virginia.  According to the SuperPac, when he visits Indiana, he stays at taxpayer-funded hotels.  The US constitution states that Senators must live in the state in which they hold office, so if the accusations are justified, Lugar is breaking the law.

The tongue-in-cheek website invites the population of Indiana to send an email to Senator Lugar offering him a place to stay next time he’s visiting the state, thus saving the tax-payer some cash.  Once you send an email, you’re invited to contribute to the campaign.

It’s a neat little campaign which would have been relatively cheap to put together, but provided that the issue is salient enough, could end up yielding significant contributions.

Newt’s 200

Wesleyan Media Project have released data which shows the massive extent to which Romney and his supporters dominated the Florida airwaves.  Romney and his SuperPacs ran almost 13,000 ads on broadcast television across the state, whilst Gingrich and his supporters have aired only 200 spots.

Newt is fighting an advertising battle reminiscent of King Leonidas and his famous 300.  With such huge numbers against him, Newt needs find his creative equivalent of the ‘Hot Gates’ of Thermopylae.

If Newt can create copy which has enough magic to go viral (as Will.I.AM managed to do for Obama in 2008), he could make Romney’s numbers count for nothing.


Notice the difference

Here’s a nice little voter-generated ad that’s doing the rounds on social networks together.  The image highlights the difference between the way in which Obama and Romney treat blue collar / service workers: Romney is pictured getting his shoes shined, whilst Obama gives a cleaner a fist bump.

It’s interesting to see that Romney’s personal wealth is quickly becoming a real sweet spot for attack.  It seems so un-American to attack someone for business success, but clearly things like the Wall St Crash and the Occupy movement have fundamentally altered the middle ground of politics.

Obama’s Dream Debate

This is advert, paid for by a Newt Gingrich supporting SuperPac, is the most impressive piece of attack communication I’ve seen of the Presidential race thus far.

The live TV debates are, arguably, the single most important communication factor in a Presidential contest and this piece of prophetic advertising will no doubt haunt the dreams of any Republicans weakly leaning towards Romney.

Almost every candidate in history has been accused of ‘flip-flopping’ and ‘u-turning’ at some stage, to the extent that the accusation has lost meaning. This advert brings home to roost what the realities of having a ‘pragmatic’ Presidential candidate will be.

The ad also contributes to the wealth of communications that question (gaff-prone) Romney’s ability to take on Obama from the podium.

This flip-flop spot is so much more powerful than yet another ad  that takes a quote from a candidate (out of context, of course) from years prior and contrasts it with a quote from the present day.

Gingrich’s SuperPac ‘Winning Our Future’ is reported to be raking in donations by the millions of dollars.  With a win in South Carolina under Newt’s belt and this strong attack ad on the airwaves, I bet Team Romney are beginning to feel a little less certain about things.

Mitt Romney – Serial Killer

This is possibly the most extreme negative ad we’ve seen in the primary campaign thus far.

The ad accuses Romney of killing corporations while an executive at private-equity firm Bain Capital, and reasons that since Romney has previously likened corporations to people, he is therefore a “serial killer.”

The ad’s narrator explains “As head of Bain Capital he bought companies, carved them up and got rid of what he couldn’t use. If Mitt Romney really believes ‘corporations are people, my friend’ than Mitt Romney is a serial killer. He’s Mitt the Ripper.”

This line of attack is incredibly ‘un-Republican’ and much more akin to the sort of negative ad that Democrat candidates might typically use.  The spot will no doubt have Obama supporters licking their lips.

Mitt Romney – The French Connection

Newt Gingrich continues his attacks on Mitt Romney with this latest spot that accuses him of various ‘liberal’ crimes, including having the audacity to learn French.

This, at first glance, might seem to be one of the more bizarre pieces of negative political communication.  However, do not underestimate the extent of hostility that Republican voters feel towards the ‘liberal elite’ that they feel are in control of the fate of the nation.

In this ad Newt Gingrich successfully paints Romney as being alien to and unappreciative of the concerns of your average American conservative.  It’s not pretty, but it works.