Obama’s Dream Debate

This is advert, paid for by a Newt Gingrich supporting SuperPac, is the most impressive piece of attack communication I’ve seen of the Presidential race thus far.

The live TV debates are, arguably, the single most important communication factor in a Presidential contest and this piece of prophetic advertising will no doubt haunt the dreams of any Republicans weakly leaning towards Romney.

Almost every candidate in history has been accused of ‘flip-flopping’ and ‘u-turning’ at some stage, to the extent that the accusation has lost meaning. This advert brings home to roost what the realities of having a ‘pragmatic’ Presidential candidate will be.

The ad also contributes to the wealth of communications that question (gaff-prone) Romney’s ability to take on Obama from the podium.

This flip-flop spot is so much more powerful than yet another ad  that takes a quote from a candidate (out of context, of course) from years prior and contrasts it with a quote from the present day.

Gingrich’s SuperPac ‘Winning Our Future’ is reported to be raking in donations by the millions of dollars.  With a win in South Carolina under Newt’s belt and this strong attack ad on the airwaves, I bet Team Romney are beginning to feel a little less certain about things.

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