Sturgeon pulling the strings


The Conservative Party have released a new poster which features Nicola Sturgeon as a puppet master in control of Ed Miliband.

This is the 4th execution that the Conservatives have released on the theme of a Labour coalition government being at the beck and call of the SNP (Pocket 1, Pocket 2 and Dancer all preceding this one).

The attack has slightly lost its pungency as we are so familiar with it, but I suspect the message is only just beginning to land with undecided (and usually fairly uninterested) voters, so it’s understandable that the theme is recurrent.

The poster is well crafted. Miliband’s stance is awkward and amusing in a slapstick sort of way. The scowl for Sturgeon is well chosen; it’s only slightly menacing so as not to upset English voters that may have been vaguely taken with her during her TV debate appearances.

It’s very interesting to see that Salmond is no longer the boogeyman being featured. I suspect he’s quietly livid that he’s quite literally no longer the poster boy.

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