Ed Miliband in Alex Salmond’s pocket

The Conservative Party have released a new poster which features Ed Miliband sitting in Alex Salmond’s pocket.

The poster relates to the fact that a Labour Party / SNP coalition government is a very possible outcome of the next general election.

The poster is designed to put off voters in England considering voting Labour. It tries to bring to life the fact that voting Labour could mean seeing Salmond being given a senior UK government post and the SNP having a controlling say in how the UK is governed.

This is the 2nd time the Conservative Party have used Salmond as a boogeyman so it must be testing positively in research groups on floating voters.

It’s an incredibly impactful poster. Certainly the best of the general election far.  Salmond’s smug look accompanied by Miliband’s sheepish pose combine to create deeply provocative image.

I suspect this one will cause a bit of a stir…


The Conservatives have also released a version of the poster featuring the current SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon:

Ed miliband in nicola sturgeon pocket poster


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