Salmond calling the tune poster

Salmond Miliband Call The Tune poster

The Conservative Party have launched a poster to accompany the video released earlier this week.

I’m not sure why the two weren’t released together as it has slightly reduced the media impact of the poster.

Nevertheless, this a good political advert and a nice follow-up to the ‘Miliband in Salmond’s pocket’ poster which caused such a stir.

It features a simple, single-minded message delivered with a provocative visual and clean art direction.  It’s not the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen, but certainly has enough wit to dampen the blow in the minds of the electorate.

I suspect the Conservative Party will worried about going over-the-top with their mocking of Ed Miliband.  They will need to be careful not to seem like braying bullies and I wouldn’t be surprised if this poster is the high-water mark of the Salmond / Miliband baiting.

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