Political ad scamps

As mentioned previously, the agency 360 Recruitment are inviting comments throughout the creative development process that will eventually lead to publication of some political adverts in The Independent on Sunday.   They’ve posted the first round of scamps in the article ‘Things can only get bitter’.

Above are my personal favourites.  Both deal with the issue of the next election in clever, original and compelling ways.

In general elections there are really only ever two ads that can be made (obviously there are almost infinite numbers of smart, innovate ways of dressing up them up):

1. Time for a change (opposition party).

2. We’re doing ok, and better than the other lot would, so don’t spoil a good thing (incumbent party).

The featured adverts communicate the ‘it’s time for a change’ message, in a relevant and poignant way, whilst at the same time rubbishing the ‘everything is ok’ line of that the government will inevitably roll out. 

Getting a majority of people to change their default position (i.e. voting Labour for the last 12 years) is incredibly difficult and opposition parties will be up against a vicious combination of nostalgia and conservatism.  The featured adverts deal with the human instinct to stick with the devil you know and then urge voters to opt for a different future.


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