Labour celebrating the past to win the future?

There’s rumours circulating that the above film ‘Against the odds’ could be used as a party political broadcast in the next election.  Sentimentality has been used to great effect recently by brands like Hovis, Sainsbury’s and Heinz, so The Labour Party would be in the company of some of the nations most successful marketeers if it did so.

Whether it’s choosing the supermarket where you buy the beans to go on your toast, or electing a government, getting people to change their mind from their default position is incredibly difficult to do.  Reminding people of the decisions they have made in the past can be a very effective method of getting them to do the same thing in the future.

Labour, in the above spot, is playing to one of the strengths that an incumbent party has – defense of the status quo – whilst at the same time presenting itself as a radical, forward-facing organisation.  Very smart.


  1. I’m sure that you are right, however, the Labour Party are not the only ones who are trying this same tacctic, the Tories have done it too:


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