Labour Party Attack Advert Strategy?

labour party attack advert

The Sun is running a story that The Labour Party are planning to use the ‘Tory Toff’ angle of attack in some upcoming political advertising.  The report claims that the campaign will feature “huge posters of those cringe-making student photosof George Osborne and David Cameron carrying the copy ‘Do you want these men to run Britain?’

Most research around the effects of negative political advertising suggests that it is very useful for reinforcing impressions that people have about certain things.  However, if you’re trying to change someone’s mind about something it usually turns them off.

Therefore the advertisement above would only get a positive reaction out of people who would already subscribe to the following statement: David Cameron cannot be trusted to run the country because he had a wealthy upbringing.

What percentage of the electorate would subscribe to such a statement? My guess would be very few.

I hope, for Labour supporters’ sake, that the Sun’s story is bogus.


  1. Well, what it actually says is “do you want cossetted privelidged Tory wankers who have already ruined the country once, back in again?”

    Who subscribes to that? Well obviously not you. Hope you enjoy the taste of Cameronian arsehole. Get ready to start licking…….

  2. You miss my point. I’m not saying whether or not I think that David Cameron would be a good Prime Minister. I’m merely saying that if the Labour Party want to stay in government, the strategy of ‘tory toff’ attack isn’t a good one.

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