A Promotion for William Hague

This video is pointing out that William Hague, since resigning as leader of his party, has made a load of cash. The clip is arguing that such a ‘part-time politician’ should not have been promoted to be the (effective) Deputy Leader of The Opposition.


The main problem with this line of attack is that people don’t mind that William Hague is a successful businessmen and after-dinner speaker.  Most people’s major gripe with politicians is that they’ve never had a ‘proper job’ and they’re incredibly dull.  The fact that Hague is very funny and successful is a plus point for The Conservatives in the eyes of the electorate.


On another note, why – as a Labour supporter – would you make a video which featured one of the leading members of the Conservative Party displaying his rhetorical confidence and charisma?


One of the reasons that William Hague failed as leader is that not many people knew how witty and engaging he can be (particularly in the House of Commons); trying to spread a video on the internet showing this (albeit with some irritating ‘cha chings’ over the top) is probably not the best way to go about increasing Labour’s support.

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