Total Eclipse of George Osborne

Just came across this amusing photo and video montage taking the piss out of the fact that recently George Osborne has been somewhat sidelined by Team Cameron in favour of William Hague.

This sort of quick turn around political advertising has really taken off in recent weeks, it’s very exciting that the daily election is now, genuinly, not only being  contested in main stream media but also on web 2.0.  I love all this material, but it has yet to reach and grab the attention of the vast majority of people.  If web 2.0 is going to become the weapon that the political parties want it to be, the quality of the content needs to improve.

As can be seen with the above George Osborne attack (as well as webcabinet, if you want change, who are you kidding, going down hill and how many words) whilst there’s plenty of wit and intelligence on display, the level of executional excellence is very low.  Hence, none of the videos have become truly viral.

Getting something out quickly is, obviously, very important.  But as well as piss-taking rebuttle, the Labour Party need to insure there’s a steady stream of quality, positive material that people want to pass on to their friends and not just other people interested in politics.  As we know, it’s the undecided swing-voters who decide elections.  Undecided swing-voters won’t find these videos that needle away at the Tories very interesting, because they won’t get the jokes.

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  1. “the level of excellence is very low”?! 😉

    …I was ill, and bed-bound. What else do you expect from me?

    In seriousness, I think the point of these scrappy videos (certainly mine) is to try and get the attention of Labour HQ, and to encourage them to dedicate the funding and resources necessary to making something similar, albeit, of better quality.

    Along with this investment comes a move away from parody, too. Parody is the easiest form to accomplish with limited resources. I tried to make mine a parody that had a life of its own – to an extent – rather than just some humiliating political in-jokes. But as you say, nothing viral, because it is not something actually created by the Labour Party itself, and therefore doesn’t have the machinery behind it.

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