Penny Mordaunt launch video disaster

Penny Mordaunt has released a total shocker of a campaign video to launch her candidacy to become Conservative leader and the U.K. Prime Minister.

Firstly, there is a huge strategic error. There is no sign of the candidate until 2mins 40seconds.

When you consider that the primary channel for this video is social media and the drop off in viewing figures is steep after a few seconds, the vast majority of people will never know who this video is promoting.

Given Mordaunt is meant to be introducing herself to the British public as well as Conservative members, this is particularly unforgivable.

Someone has managed to convince her to make a brand ad for the Conservative Party and then tag herself on the end.

Totally bizarre.

Equally bizarre is that they’ve decided to feature some prominent people and it’s become immediately apparent that they haven’t got that cleared.

Not only will this likely mean the video will get taken down and the campaign will face legal action, it is also a huge distraction from the message.

The only good bit is the end – #pm4pm is a clever hashtag / url.

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