Ready for Rishi

Unsurprisingly, Rishi Sunak’s Conservative leadership campaign brand is on point.

Sunak has made personal branding a priority throughout his time as Chancellor, so we expected his launch to be slick and he hasn’t disappointed.

“Ready for Rishi” is an incumbent positioning, which given he’s been at the top of government for 2+ years is the right call.

Hillary Clinton sought to position herself as the natural successor to Obama in ‘16 using the same line.

The use of the increasing slope to underline Rishi’s name is designed to convey incumbent momentum.

I love the way the second ‘I’ of Rishi becomes an exclamation mark too. Very nice.

Rebecca Long-Bailey & Hillary Clinton (again) are other examples of candidates that have been close to the predecessor who have used forward-y logos to signify incumbent progress.

Yes, Rishi knifed Boris, but he can’t disown his time as Chancellor.

The initial bits of photography of Rishi are of a high quality. And the way he’s looking off camera to create a bit of a sense of distance and leadership is strong.

Rishi’s launch video is fairly standard candidate bio stuff.

It’s overly long, as is always the case, but the production values are good (he didn’t start this on Wednesday…).

The messaging is a little incoherent though. Lots of THINGS that don’t add up or mutually reinforce each other. And his tone and expression at the end is weird & awkward.

That said, I strongly suspect this will be one of the higher quality launch videos we’ll see this leadership cycle.

Those who thought that Rishi Sunak’s non-dom scandal earlier in the year put him out of the running might need to reconsider.

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