Conservatives attack Corbyn on defence and security

7 days ago the Conservative Party released a blistering attack on Corbyn’s record on defence and foreign policy; the video has now had over 6 million views on Facebook and YouTube alone.

It’s a fantastic piece of attack advertising.  The viewer is provoked, persuaded and left with a deeply unsettling feeling about the Labour leader.

The video has certainly had some advertising money put behind it – WhoTargetsMe data shows the video has had a paid media push in marginal seats like Derby North – but given the number of views in such a short space of time, I suspect there is also a viral effect going on.

There’s no doubt that Theresa May has had plenty of shortcomings on the campaign trail, but with videos like this reaching massive numbers of target voters, it would certainly be a mistake to claim that the Conservatives are having a “bad campaign”

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