The Brexit Negotiations Bogeyman

The Conservatives have released a new advert which seeks to remind voters that the Brexit negotiations – that will go a long way to define the middle-term prospects of the country – are about to begin.

By bringing the proximity of the Brexit discussions in to sharp relief, the Conservatives are hoping to unnerve a group of voters that were previously undecided but have recently begun to lean towards Corbyn.

Prior to the Manchester terrorist attack, the Conservatives had a torrid week; Jamie Oliver was bashing them on free school meal cuts and the grey lobby were making their grievances felt about proposals to reform the funding of social care.

If there’s two issues that the Conservatives wanted to avoid being the focus of the campaign it was education and healthcare: both salient topics on which Labour is seen as credible.

For the remaining 10 days of the campaign the Conservatives will be trying to get back on to their home turf issues of Brexit, immigration and security (all of which ladder up nicely to leadership).

This ad is a decent attempt at doing just that; below are some other new graphics that have been released in recent days that try to do the same.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there was a big poster launch early next week which tries to draw the media narrative back towards Corbyn’s supposed inability to take on the Brexit negotiation bogeyman.


  1. Theresa May can’t even debate, so how can she possibly negotiate? JC4PM #votelabour

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