Vote Leave Campaign Launches

Vote Leave EU logo

A very significant anti-European campaign group launched last week.  It has cross party support, including Labour, Conservative, Green and UKIP politicians.

The group, headed by Matthew Elliott who ran the successful No2AV campaign against electoral reform, is competing to be crowned the official “Out” campaign by the Electoral Commission.  Such recognition comes with public grants and expenditure allowances.

The Vote Leave brand is in stark contrast to, the group against which they’re competing for the prize.  Whilst – supported by Nigel Farage and mainstream UKippers – gives the impression that it’s filled with angry, stuff, reactionary old men, Vote Leave seems relatively contemporary and accessible.

Positioning leaving the EU as ‘taking control’ is smart.  No doubt polling shows that the majority of people feel like we live in very uncertain times – currency doubts, immigration, deflation, Russian aggression etc… Vote Leave will want persuade people that by leaving the EU, Britain can take matters into its own hands and not be at the mercy of other countries.

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