Liz Kendall evokes Clement Attlee

Liz Kendall Fresh Start Clement Attlee

Liz Kendall’s campaign for Labour’s leadership have produced a very good graphic on the eve of members receiving their ballot papers.

The advert neatly encapsulates the main point of her campaign: that the real test of our Labour values isn’t just good intentions in opposition – it’s what can be delivered in government after you’ve won a general election.

There’s been relatively few examples of creativity in the the Labour Leadership 2015 campaign, so this is a real breath of FRESH air.

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  1. The graphic’s success in encapsulating a main point of Kendall’s campaign, that gaining power is more important than demonstrating principle, is more than outweighed by the negatives: the unfortunate juxtaposition of her “fresh start” strapline with a post-war monochrome image of, by anyone’s definition, ‘old Labour’. The there’s the questionable attempt to make a connection between Kendall and Attlee. If we assume that old Labour members and an influx of young Labour supporters have the slightest grasp of Kendall’s policies and the achievements that Attlee made with the NHS and widespread nationalisation of industries, then any attempt to draw parallels between these two individuals is, shall we say, a stretch. The quote itself is so generic that it could be slapped onto the intro slide of any middle manager’s motivational PowerPoint deck without anyone batting an eyelid. One of Kendall’s main campaign is her gender; how unfortunate, then, that the selected quote demonstrates the casual chauvanism of post-war politics. It’s small wonder that this candidate remains stuck resolutely at the bottom of every single Labour leadership poll.

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