UKIP poster pledges to end HS2

UKIP HS2 poster gold railway sleepers

UKIP have released a poster which pledges to end the high-speed railway line (HS2) that is being built between London Euston, the English Midlands, North West England, Yorkshire, and potentially North East England.

It’s not a big issue at the election, but UKIP have no doubt identified a core group of disgruntled NIMBY voters who live on the route who might be persuaded in decent numbers to support the party on the basis of their opposition.  This group would be in addition to those people who generally abhor big state-led investment in infrastructure who are likely to be leaning towards voting purple.

The gold-bar-as-railway-sleepers is a clever creative execution and the simmering rage that opponents to HS2 feel about the project is nicely captured in the headline.

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