George Osborne – Dont Stop Me Now

The left-wing campaign organisation Common People, who are behind both Sack Boris 2012 and the most viral video of the 2010 general election, have launched a video attacking George Osborne to theme of Queens’ Dont Stop Me Now.

Whilst it is vaguely amusing, the assault is so aggressive (and personal) that the resulting sentiment of the viewer is “these guys really hate George Osborne”.  I would guess that the aim of the piece was to get people thinking “George Osborne is a bad Chancellor”, but I’m not sure that this will be the prevailing take-out.

For people who don’t like Osbourne (and posh people generally), this will certainly appeal.  But, because of the tilt of the balance away from comedy and towards vitriol, I doubt it will be as popular as their previous offering.


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