Labour Election Broadcast – Cameron’s NHS Betrayal

The Labour Party’s latest party election broadcast, in advance of local council elections taking place around the UK next month, features Professor Robert Winston reminding voters that the Labour Party opposed David Cameron’s broadly unpopular NHS reforms.

Make no mistake: at its core this is an attack ad about broken manifesto promises and cuts to healthcare.  However, the Professor is very likeable and his performance is so heartfelt that it seems more palatable than most negative ads.

Towards the end of the video Prof. Winston uses incredibly emotive language to remind people about the benefits of the NHS.  It’s powerful stuff. I wonder whether leading with this message might have been the smarter play.

The animations and sound effects are fairly dodgy and cheapen the video slightly, but overall, as far as party election broadcasts go, this is a good one.  The Labour Party aren’t exactly swimming in money and they’ve managed to turn something around which stands a chance of connecting with people.

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