Ken offers £1000 off TfL fares

Ken’s campaign launched a ‘travel voucher’ for distribution to the electorate.  As Ken explained at a press conference this morning:

‘Today I am launching my ‘London Travel Voucher’. I am saying to Londoners – keep hold of this voucher so that you have physical evidence of my promise to cut your fares. The voucher will be available online from today, but will only be valid if I am elected as Mayor on 3 May. Londoners who want to save £1,000 need to use their vote to cut fares.’

It’s not the most beautiful piece of communication, but in fare-ness (sorry) not many vouchers win awards for their creativity.

Ken’s campaign are really putting all of their eggs in the Fare Deal basket.  Their polling must show that it’s paying off.  Either that, or they havent got anything else up their sleeves.

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