Better off with…?

Guido Fawkes yesterday pointed out the similarities between the logo that Boris released yesterday and the branding device subsequently pushed out by Ken’s team.  Guido describes the story:

Boris launched his new “Better Off With Boris” logo with it adorning his Progress Report at Mayors Question Time this morning. Ken copied it with a “Better of with Ken” logo which looks remarkably similar. Alas Team Ken in their hurry to cobble it  together forgot to register now links to the website. 

As Boris Backer has pointed out, Ken’s logo looks like the work of an intern using MS Paint; Ken’s marketing team seem to have given up on any level of quality control and seem to be happy that their candidate comes across as a (low quality) student union hopeful.

The only thing of note with regards to the Battle of the Badges is that neither candidate includes any reference or nod to their party.  This should be applauded.  Both candidates realise that their political party has relatively little to do with this election and have kept it single-minded.

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  1. Pretty lazy from both sides. Livingstone could have gone with ‘better off withOUT Boris’ and had some fun.

    On the Boris campaign: does the Mayor set council tax levels? Are police numbers going up? Is London’s economy growing? Makes me yearn for footnotes.

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