Steve Pound MP features in new Ken Livingstone Fare Deal video

Ken Livingstone’s campaign have released a comically bad video to support their Fare Deal policy pledge.

The film features Steve Pound MP, dressed up as a professor, explaining how Ken’s fares policy is viable.

Have they used a campaign staffer’s desk lamp as the lighting rig?  Is it filmed in some mouldy town hall’s meeting room? And did they buy Pound’s outfit from Ann Summers?

Pound’s performance is so awkward, the production values of the video are so awful and the sound effects are so atrocious, that the viewer will not absorb any of the message.  Making this video was a complete waste of campaign resource and energy (even if it only took an hour, which it won’t have).

This film is a damning indictment of the state of British political marketing.  It’s cheap, it’s badly thought through and it’s nasty.

The only chance this video has of getting views is if people send it round as something to laugh at.


  1. Odd, as they started the Fare’s Fare campaign with a really strong video – pricing it in beers down the Grape and Grain etc. – and a good static image, both of which you’ve covered before.

    Not sure whether the former was with a top agency, and now they are supplementing it with something they’ve made for fifty quid.

    It looks uncannily like those awkward ‘funny’ segments on Andrew Neil’s This Week….

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