Ken’s £10,000 game of chicken

Ken Livingstone’s Team have launched a fundraising campaign mascot – The Chicken.  The idea is that supporters donate money to Ken and as the cash flows in the chicken comes to life (to what extent is unclear).

The idea came about after Team Ken accused Boris Johnson of ‘being chicken’ for refusing to debate the Labour mayoral candidate over travel fares.

The ‘chicken’ mascot is not exactly the most innovative piece of attack campaigning.  Indeed, I’d be willing to bet in every general election since 1992 one of the competing parties has deployed the trusty ‘chicken-as-scared-metaphore’ press stunt at some stage or another.

What would set this chicken-related campaign apart would be if the image doesn’t just gain in colour, but also starts to gain in functionality and interactivity.  If all £10k buys Ken’s supporters is a coloured-in chicken, I’ll save them the bother:

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