Mitt Romney Promoted Tweet

A while back it was announced that Twitter was going to allow politicians to pay for promoted tweets.  And, low and behold, on this seemingly ordinary Thursday afternoon in January, I’ve just seen my first political promoted tweet.

Sandwiched inbetween a piece of e-affection from my housemate’s ex-girlfriend to one of her chums and an update from a visual research agency I once used, was a message from Presidential-hopeful Mitt Romney.

Well-written, inspirational and likely to get his base supporters retweeting away.  However, as is always the case with social media, Romney’s detractors are equally quick to point out their percieved faults with the message (see below).

The nature of the Twitter audience means that public detractors are 100% guaranteed, however, this is not a reason to shy away from using the medium.  But it does require a high-level of confidence in the fact that the message you want to send will have a net benefit.

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