Newt Gingrich takes battle to Romney in New Hampshire

Newt Gingrich, despite having pledged to fight a positive campaign in the Republican Party Presidential nomination, has today launched a full page attack ad in the New Hampshire Union Leader against Mitt Romney.

Labelling himself a ‘Reagan Conservative’, the advert contrasts Romney’s relatively (to the field of candidates) relaxed positions on key right-wing policies with his own.

The insert is certainly not the easiest on eyes.  The impact of making it so detailed is that the vast majority of people will skip straight passed it.  Not including the candidate’s name in either the headline or sub-header, given it’s extensive nature, is also a gamble.

I would guess that this is an advert that will work well as a stimilus for press coverage, but I doubt the average undecided Republic voter will be too influenced by the advert alone.

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