Labour Party Poster Competition

Saatchi&Saatchi's example to inspire wanna-be ad makers

Labour has called on its online supporters to lend their creative talents to designing the party’s next campaign poster.  Campaign chiefs have booked digital poster boards next weekend in London and Manchester that will carry the artwork.  Users can upload their poster on the Labour Party site, although it doesn’t state how the winner will be chosen.

Labour have obviously taken heart from the repeated ridicule that has met the Tories’ advertising efforts and decided to put their faith on their supporters skill and wit.  Many brands have put their advertising into the hands of consumers, Doritos are currently running a masterclass in how to do so with their King of Ads competition, but this is the first time a political party has tried to harness the power of the crowd for a poster campaign.

Saatchi & Saatchi, Labour’s ad agency, have provided their supporters with two different briefs to highlight the sort of material they are looking for: 1) Labour’s pledge to protect frontline services and 2) David Cameron’s lack of substance.  The ad agency’s attempt at inspiration is above.

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