M & C Saatchi v.s. Saatchi & Saatchi

The Conservative Party have drafted in their former creative advertising agency, M&C Saatchi, to work on their campaign in the months coming up to the general election.  Labour’s creative agency is Saatchi&Saatchi and so Maurice and Charles new shop is now taking on the agency, that ousted them as founding partners 15 years ago, in the biggest communication battleground of all.  What an interesting sub-plot to what is already shaping up to be the most exciting general election for over a decade.

In related news Claire Beale, editor of Campaign Magazine, has written this week that

“Recent political advertising has failed to nail a winning – or even a clear – strategy for any of the main parties.  Communications have been confusing at best, incoherent at worst… by embracing consumers as advocates, the parties are failing to score their core messages.”

I can’t help but agree.  With just over a month to go until polling day, let’s hope the various Saatchi’s raise the bar.

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