Cash Gordon

The Conservative Party have created a new website called Cash Gordon.  The website tries to highlight the money that Unite have given to the Labour Party and attempts to paint Charlie Whelan as an evil master of puppets.  There’s a gaming element to the site where points are awarded to supporters who make the most number ‘actions’.  ‘Actions’ include writing a tweet to Charlie Whelan, inviting friends to join in and donating money to the Conservative Party.

The site looks relatively shiny and uses Facebook Connect in order to try and make the content as shareable and social as possible.   The user-journey isn’t fantastically smooth and the content is very text heavy.  I also think they could do a better job of explaining what exactly it is they want people to do, how you accumulate points and what prizes are on offer for the top campaigners. 

Making a game which rewards both individual and group behaviour using Facebook Connect is a good idea (and one which many brands have used) but the execution here is slightly lacking. These sites take a while to build and are relatively expensive and I’m just not sure Charlie Whelan as an agenda is salient with enough people to warrant the investment.


  1. This website has been destroyed by Labour activists, it contains links to porn sites and has been filled with anti-tory material.

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