David Camera On / David Camera Off

The Labour Party have released a new poster featuring David Cameron.  It’s a double-pronged attack advert that accuses Cameron of being both two-faced and anti-patient care.

Given Cameron’s recent admission that he has sent out mixed messages on various policies, I imagine lots of people will sympathise with the Labour Party’s accusation in this piece of communication.

Apart from everything, Camera On / Camera Off is a clever, and some would argue fitting, pun on the Tory’s leader’s name.  Good stuff.

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  1. For several months, and in many comments on sites, blogs, etc., I have been advocating that the Labour movement should spread the use of the name Camera-on when speaking of the 6th form mock-party leader that he is. Nobody starts a verbal communication from the high point of a temper then keeps it up to the end of their statement, unless they are a phony. His anger is pretence, and he could possibly be the most ill-equipped party leader, even senior politician of all time. Two things bother me about the use of the “nickname” however. One is that you appear to me to have used my idea without duly expressed gratitude to myself, but, more importantly, I believe you have watered down the impact and educational value of the name by putting the “camera-off” slogan alongside. Its much the same as spoiling the punchline of a joke by being too elaborate. Ifyou use the name at every opportunity, I believe you will educate that percentage of the electorate who are capable of being fooled by ham acting, and that is a huge percentage, let me tell you.

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