Robin Hood Tax

The Tobin Tax has had something of a re-brand.  And a very successful one too.  The Facebook page has nearly 70, 000 fans and the promotional video has had nearly 100, 000 views.

For those unfamiliar with the Tobin / Robin Hood Tax it is a proposal for a tax of 0.05% on international bankers’ transactions.  Supporters claim it could generate hundreds of billions of pounds every year which could be ploughed into international development and public services.

The above film goes on slightly too long but is gently amusing and quietly powerful.  The key to increasing momentum will be to regularly release ever more entertaining and convincing content. 

Putting together a good first video and getting launch publicity is relatively easy, but to turn warm public interest into genuine mass support, that will make politicians take notice, is incredibly hard.

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  1. The percentage is ridiculously small! Barclays have just made a profit of £10.4billion and are paying their staff £4.3billion. Others do the same. It is an astonishing ratio between pay and total company profits! The bigger the Robin Hood percentage, the more supporters it would have….

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