Conservatives – Get Britain Working

A new advert from the Conservative Party promoting their welfare reforms announced today.  The stabbing violin soundtrack, dark background and frequent use of blood red lettering combine to make this pretty uncomfortable viewing.  It feels very aggressive and accusatory.  It also comes to a very abrupt ending without much of a ‘but all will be ok with us’ type conclusion.

The Conservatives are going to have to win in marginal constituencies where unemployment levels will be very high at the next general election, if they want to form an overall majority.  Scaring the crap out of a significant proportion of the electorate doesn’t seem like a great idea.  Unless they’re writing off the unemployed as unwaivering Labour supporters, which also doesn’t seem like a great idea.

I would have thought that Cameron would be borrowing Blair’s “hand-up not hand-out” approach, but it seems like Dave will be using welfare policy to establish his true blue credentials.

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