Green Party Broadcast

A classic ‘real people’ broadcast.  It communicates their 2 messages, clearly and simply – 1) vote Green for European investment in our economy 2) Vote Green to help save the planet, for the sake of your kids. 

It starts off quite slowly, but the emotional climax is brilliantly done.  A nice music score and the light, pleasant, unimposing tone of the people featured in the video make it highly likely to evoke the reaction ‘this party understand my concerns’ and ‘this is a political party for me’  from floating middle-class voters who are disenchated with the more established parties.

On the basis of this broadcast, I wouldn’t be surprised if The Green Party do well in Ireland next week.


  1. Any idea what the Irish Laws on political broadcasting are? The opening, “We’ve only got 2 minutes…” suggests that there might be an allocated slot system similar to the UK, albeit with a more reasonable 120-second gap. I also wonder whether they are scheduled broadcasts (bad) or part of commercial advertising breaks (good).

  2. Of course, if it’s the latter, the Green Party could just have bought 2 minutes of airtime, hence the (self-imposed) “time limit”.

  3. No, the Greens are allocated a single national broadcast of just 2 minutes in length under Irish broadcasting rules (it went out on Saturday night). No other political advertising in broadcast media is allowed. The larger parties get three minutes, I believe.

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