Any Way The Wind Blows

Back in December I wrote about a script penned by Hopi Sen for a party political broadcast.  That script has subsequently been made into a video clip (by an anonymous reader of ‘A blog from the back room‘) which Hopi posted yesterday.

I won’t rehash the arguments I made here about the problems with this script / video but I will extend them slightly:

To get the electorate to be suspicious of David Cameron, the Labour Party need to find something at the core of his character or agenda in which the electorate have genuine and fundamental doubts. In brand communication this observation and understanding of the target market is referred to as ‘an insight’; no successful advertising can be made without one.

The reason why the Labour Party haven’t been able to produce any successful negative political advertising is that they haven’t found an insight into David Cameron – character or policy agenda – which makes the majority of the British public feel uncomfortable.

Which is why these supporters have had to resort to picking out and rehashing quotes from speeches he made when first elected that didn’t work in 2005 and won’t work now.


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