Shane the Builder

The press has covered in detail the absolute howler that the Conservative Party made in their most recent party political broadcast so I won’t go over it again. The ‘real life people with real problems’ angle on political advertising is one of the classics, but as we saw with the infamous ‘Jennifer’s Ear’ incident in 1992, if you’re going to do it you’ve got to be one million per cent sure that your case study is water tight and gaff proof.

Other than this monumental balls up, the broadcast is simply incredibly dull.  It’s my passion to spend time over-analysing political communication and I nearly switched over after about a minute.  Politicians are constantly dumbfounded by why they’re percieved by the public as dry and tedious – one of the (many) reasons is because during one of the few times they are given a chance of direct, untainted communication with nation on TV, they bore the knickers off them.

[Apologies that this is a time after the broadcast, I’ve been on holiday.  It was lovely, thanks.]

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