Women’s Equality Party #WeAreWe #WEPnesday selfie campaign

The Women’s Equality Party have today launched a very clever campaign which encourages members to attach a sticker (which supporters seem to have been sent in advance) to their smart phone and take and share a selfie.

Using the back of a smart phone as a media space is a smart tactic that I’ve not come across before.

It’s a quick and simple way to enable supporters to share a consistent campaign message in a personal and creative way.

The campaign launched hours ago and is already trending nationally on Twitter.

You can get more information on the new feminist political party here: https://womensequality.org.uk.

Stop the traffick – dubstep dancers perform in red light district

DGM Netherlands have created an incredibly powerful video featuring young women, posing as prostitutes in Amsterdam’s red light district, completing a dance routine to heavy dubstep music track.

The stunt was performed in front of unsuspecting onlookers walking through the area and was secretly filmed.

The pay-off is that thousands of women who are promised a career as a dancer in western Europe end up being trafficked into the Netherland’s sex trade.

At first it’s incredibly uncomfortable viewing, but the punchy music track and impressive moves of the girls quickly gets you nodding along.  Just as you start to really enjoy the performance the message hits home very suddenly and in a highly impactful way.

Women’s Day

It was International Women’s day yesterday.  I wanted to post something serious, creatively original and hard-hitting.  However, nothing caught my eye more so than the very amusing, feminist piss-taking video of the latest Dodge (US-based car brand) viral. 

 First, watch the Dodge viral advert, then watch the very witty response below it. 

The Map of the Gaps

The map of gaps campaign
The map of gaps campaign

I’ve just been made aware of this new campaign website launched for ‘The map of the gaps’ – a campaign run by End Violence Against Women and the Equality and Human Rights Commission.   The aim of the campaign as a whole is to push the government to make sure that every woman and girl who has suffered violence has the right to specialised support to enable them to create safety and rebuild their lives.

What was impressive about the site is how simply it made its message relevant for every person that visited and subsequently involved them in the campaign. There’s no point in dedicating a website to saturating visitors with general reasons for supporting the campaign.  You’ve got to engage with people on a personal level and then make it easy to carry out a call to action.

Visitors are shown in a very clear, (relatively) visually interesting way exactly the spread of relevant services in their area and the rest of the country.  Other functionality include being able to send a message directly to your MP simply by entering a postcode.

This is a great example of a simple, well executed and (one would assume) relatively cheap website for a political campaign.  Now the key will be making fresh, interesting, interactive content whilst building (and engaging in existing) online communities to create a coalition behind the campaign.