We all bleed

Today is the United Nations ‘International Day of the Girl’. A day which aims to draw the world’s attention to inequality that girls face due to their gender.

Plan International UK, a charity, marked the day by launching a new product: ‘Plaster Pads’.

The product is designed to help bring an end to the shame that many girls experience around their periods.

Plan International UK’s survey of 1,000 girls aged 14-21 found that almost half are embarrassed by periods.

By creating plasters – carrying messaging which downplays the significance of bleeding – that look like a sanitary product, the charity are hoping to help make society understand that blood, any blood, is just blood.

By drawing similarities between period blood and other forms of blood, the product cleverly communicates that the menstrual cycle is nothing to be embarrassed about.

The charity could have made adverts about the fact that periods are nothing to be ashamed of, but by creating a useful product – that people will choose to wear on an ongoing basis – they have made something which will communicate the same message in a less ephemeral, more personal, way.

The campaign was created by Scott Kelly and Ben Polkinghorne (more of their work here) at ad agency AMV BBDO.

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