Women’s Equality Party Purse Poster

The Women’s Equality Party have released a provocative new poster to launch the campaign of their candidate for Liverpool’s mayoral election, which takes place on 4th May.

The poster, created by ad agency Now, shows an empty purse resembling a vagina to highlight the issue of the gender pay gap and carries the headline ‘Women are being shortchanged by £23.7 billion’.

It’s a brilliant political advertisement. It clearly articulates a policy position that is likely to be salient with a good chunk of the electorate in a visually arresting and newsworthy way.

However, given it’s a Mayoral election, the personal brands of the candidates will be disproportionately important.

If I were advising the Women’s Equality Party I would be suggesting that they follow this poster campaign with activity that positions the personal qualities of their candidate, Tabitha Morton, as being the type that Liverpool need in order to deliver change and gender equality for the city.

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