Greenpeace ad: get off gas

Greenpeace UK are using the context of the Ukraine invasion to encourage the British government to “ramp up renewables, insulate homes and replace boilers” to stop the country’s reliance on Russia whilst also reducing energy bills and climate impact.

This ad was a full page insertion in today’s edition of The Sunday Times.

Some people in the audience will question the taste and validity of the argument.

But in a situation where, pre-invasion, gas bills were already out of control and concern about climate change was high, this is very likely a case of Greenpeace saying what lots of people will be thinking.

This is a smart piece of lobbying.

Greenpeace have put their agenda on energy and climate within the context of the main issue of the day.

They have also made their perspective salient at a particularly important legislative moment – the build-up to the Spring Statement likely to take place later this month.

The government will almost certainly be making some emergency energy measures anyway and this Greenpeace campaign is a clever way to encourage the chancellor to be more ambitious.

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