Macron ‘22: avec vous

Quelle surprise, Macron’s 2022 campaign slogan is a classy piece of work.

Emmanuel Macron, the French President, has been delaying making an official announcement to launch his candidacy in the Presidential election, the first round of which takes place on 10th April.

And despite anticipation and high expectations around his campaign launch, it has not disappointed.

His slogan “avec vous” (“with you”) is elegant in its simplicity.

It’s the sort of slogan that only a front runner, on an upward trajectory, could get away with. But he is and he so he does.

It has a half rhyme and wonderful rhythm when combined with “vingt-deux” (22).

And the minimalist way in which it has been communicated visually thus far exudes the Frenchman’s confident, approachable and contemporary brand values.

Très bien.

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